GemmeCotti Pumps

We provide all kind of Chemical Pumps & we are Authorized Distributor of GemmeCotti Pumps in India


Wire Harness

We provide Wire Harness solutions for electric Bike for Scooters with fully assembly line setup.


Base Plate

We have 10 years of experience in baseplate. We provide all kind of baseplate as per your requirements.

About Glesca International

It is no secret that with the vast range of pumping technologies, performance ranges and applications, selecting a pump for your requirements can be a confusing topic. This is where Glesca International exceeds your average pump supplier and add their value to your enquiry. Our technical sales engineers have extensive experience in specifying the ideal pump for your requirements. We are also into baseplate manufacturing with a decade experience into it. Our Experienced & Young enthusiastic team  provide excellent services to our clients.

We have also have inhouse wire harness setup specialized for Electric Bike & Scoters. Our key products are complete end to end wiring Harness for Electric scooter and Bikes, 3 Pin AC socket – Battery charger, USB Connectors, Battery Connectors, Power Cables.

What We Do

Our Products & Specialized Services

Our wide range of products includes magnetic drive pumps in all types, wire harness, 2D & 3D drafting, baseplate manufacturing, electric bike wire assembly & many more.. 

Wire Harness for Electric Bikes

Wire Harness for Electric Bikes Our key products are complete end to

GemmeCotti Pumps

GemmeCotti is a leading chemical pump manufacturer, our range of chemical pumps

Base Plate for Pumps

Over the past 10-plus years experience in baseplate manufacturing.


Glesca International provides Comprehensive range of accessories that is required for pump

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Glesca International – Authorized Distributor of Gemmecotti Chemical Pumps in India

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